We are currenty looking for Guardian Homes!

Could you provide a loving home as part of our dog breeding programme?

A dog can be part of your family environment while also being part of our breeding programme

As we pride ourselves on raising our dogs as family pets, we do sometimes have dogs available for a guardian home as this enables the dog to be part of a family environment while also being part of our breeding programme.

While in a guardian home, the dog will return to Burnbrae each year to rear her puppies. As the dog will be familiar with our home at Burnbrae, she should not become stressed when she is needed to return here for raising her puppies. Burnbrae will be a second home to her as we like to keep in touch with all our guardian families. During her stay with us, we are happy for her family to come and visit as we understand it can be an exciting time for all involved.

During her breeding career, the dog will be registered with Burnbrae until she has completed her program. After being spayed we will re-register her as your own. Guardian homes will be required to take full financial responsibility for the day-to-day costs and general vet bills for the dog, however any health tests and associated breeding costs will be paid by ourselves. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family, please read our terms and ensure you can fulfil these requirements before getting in touch.

Currently we are looking for guardian Homes.

There may be opportunities to have 2 together, and also for having a boy or girl.

Please get in touch to find out more!

What we look for in a potential Guardian Family…

  • Be willing to adhere to our feeding plan which tends to incorporate some raw food and bones
  • Be willing to attend puppy training classes if appropriate
  • Keep the dogs coat in good condition through regular grooming
  • Be in a situation where the dog will not be left alone for long periods of time and you must be able to socialise the dog with other animals, children and new experiences regularly
  • You must adhere to all Terms and Conditions of the Guardian Home Contract
  • You need to have a suitable, safe area for the dog to play and exercise
  • Maintain regular contact with Burnbrae concerning the following; up to date photographs, timing of seasons, any changes or concerns in health and working with us to complete all necessary health tests prior to breeding
  • You must be willing to return the dog to Burnbrae around 1-2 weeks before birth where she will stay until the puppies are fully weaned.. It must be understood that we allow the mother to decide when this is so cannot be exact as to when it will return to you.
  • There is a contract to sign and some conditions to fulfil but what it means is a beautiful Australian Labradoodle dog for you and your family.

Could You provide a
guardian home?

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If you feel you would be in a position to offer a potential breeding dog a guardian home, please get in touch and we shall discuss this with you.

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