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Puppies currently available, both medium and standard. Please get in touch soon for more details. Also now taking names for 2018 waiting lists.

All puppies bought from us will have their first innoculation at 6-7 weeks. This is a ‘Nobivac’ vaccine covering distemper, adenovirus (hepatitus), parainfluenza and parvovirus. They are then due their 2nd innoculation at 10 weeks either with us or with their new family vet, and allowed out in public 2 weeks after this. They are wormed every 2 weeks from birth with Drontal Puppy Wormer and later Milbemax Puppy. They come to you microchipped and covered by 4 weeks free health insurance with Petplan. 

You will receive a Puppy Pack containing 2.5kg of the dry food we use with samples of the different flavours, and vouchers for the raw food we combine with this. There will also be training pads, a Vet Bed that smells nice and familiar to help your new puppy settle in and we will issue a full 4 Generation pedigree so you can be confident of your puppys' ancestry. You will also receive your puppy’s own Vet Record detailing dates of any medication received, including inoculations and wormer.

You can be confident that both parents are DNA tested, and have excellent hip, elbow and patella scores. Both our breeding dogs and retired dogs have annual check-ups to ensure there is no evidence of Prcd-PRA, a genetic eye disease. They are also tested for Degenerative Myolopathy, Exercise Induced Coma, Improper Coat and certificates are provided confirming this. 

Puppies are seen in our home environment where they are born and brought up in the heart of a busy household.

Please be reassured that both parents of any Burnbrae litter have excellent temperaments or they would not be kept as part of our breeding programme.

Both in and around our home, Burnbrae puppies encounter many visitors, including young children, and also experience everyday household noises, farm machinery, cows, ponies, chickens and the most recent addition to our household, a Siberian Forest Cat! When you take your puppy home, he/she will be confident and well socialised, partly house-trained and ready to bond with their new family.

Please be aware that the ALAEU will not register Tamaruke Popcorn or any of her offspring. We bought Popcorn from the same breeder in Australia as our first dog, ‘Cara’ (Tamaruke Caramel Delight) and assumed everything would be ok as was the case with Cara previously. Even though Popcorn is a pure Australian Labradoodle, the ALAEU had no information on some of her ancestors on their own database and would not register her. This has no bearing on her suitability as a breeding dog and you can be assured that Popcorn and all her offspring kept for breeding still undergo the same rigorous health testing as all our dogs that are registered with the ALAEU. The ALAEU are aware of us breeding with her and her offspring and are happy for us to do so. 

We will issue our own certificates confirming ancestry of any related puppies.

If you are interested in a puppy from Burnbrae we suggest that you get in touch as soon as possible to ensure your place on our waiting list.

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