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Toradalriadas Lil' Romeo

Born February 2008, Romeo is a black large miniature ALF 6 with a beautiful soft curly fleece coat. He is the sweetest natured little dog, and so affectionate and loyal. Romeo is very sound and correct, with nice bone and substance in a small package. All health checks have been carried out:
Eyes: PRA-prcd Clear
Hips: 6/4
Elbows: 0/0
Romeo carries colours- black, chocolate, cream and red.

Romeo Romeo Romeo Romeo Romeo

Romeo's parents

ShowiDam: Tegans Showstopper (Showi) at Tora labradoodles - a beautiful miniature parchment australian labradoodle with a long wavy fleece non-shedding coat. Like her son, she has great structure and is very loving and affectionate.


Tegans The PorterSire: Tegans The Porter. Described by Curtis Rist, his owner at Hudson Labradoodles as "The one and only, to put it simply, Porter is the best there is". He is a stunning red/gold fleece miniature, and Curtis comments on the remarkable disposition of his pups. Romeo is certainly no exception to this.


Burnbrae Douglas

Romeo Romeo With his Elephant Dug with a Puppy

We are absolutely delighted to introduce Burnbrae Douglas, son of Northwest Australian William Wallace and Burnbrae Matilda!!!!!

Oor wee 'Dug', best described as a 'gentle giant', is our new breeding prospect stud dog. He is our biggest dog, standing at around 24"/60cm to the shoulder and counting!

He is polite and well behaved and has such a sweet, gentle disposition, always carrying his teddy and offering it to anyone who wants to play! The only problem with 'Dug' is stopping him getting in with puppies, as he loves nothing more than lying in their pen and letting them climb over him!!!

His coat is a luxurious soft fleece and he walks so proud, we are sure he is showing it off! 'Dug' is an absolute joy to be around and is now available to selected girls.

Hips 3 + 3
Elbows 0
Patella's Normal
Eyes PRA-Clear
Von Willebrand Normal


Raisdoodles Olly
Olly recently came to join our family from Raisdoodles, and we are now really getting to know him. As he has become more confident in his new home, Olly is becoming quite a character, and always very pleased to see us. He definitely has a mischievous streak, pinching washing and looking very pleased with himself as he trots past you carrying something he shouldn't! Just need to teach him to put it in the machine and switch it on!!
We were drawn to his beautiful wavy soft fleece coat and unusual café colour. He is now proven and has sired litters of 6, 9 and 12 so far!! He is a great Dad and his offspring have all inherited this sweet nature (if a little cheeky!!!)

Olly may be available to selected girls as a stud but please get in touch if interested.

Hips 4 + 3
Elbows 0
Patella's Normal
Eyes PRA-Clear
Von Willebrand Clear


olly Olly Olly

All our dogs are available for stud to other health tested registered Australian Labradoodles.

Burnbrae Dusty Dogwood

'Dusty' is like a miniature 'Dug' who is his hero! When he was little he would run along beside Dug gazing up at him adoringly and run into things as he couldn't take his eyes off him! He is a lovely wee man, such a gentle loving nature and very good with the other dogs, even with very young puppies. He loves to play fetch and places the ball in your hand so gently so you can throw it for him again. He is a small medium boy, a nice chunky type with a beautiful cream soft fleece coat. We are very excited to see little Dusty's running around at Burnbrae very soon!

Hips pending
Elbows pending
Patella's pending
Eyes pending
Von Willebrand pending

Degenerative Myolopathy (DM) Non-carrier

Dusty Dogwood

EXPORT: We have previous experience in exporting frozen semen from our stud dogs, resulting in successful healthy litters. If this is something that you would like to know more about, please get in touch!!